Damascus steel Knives

The Damascus steel knife is one of the most exotic and spectacular of those used in cutlery. They are characterized by presenting sinuous and irregular lines throughout the entire sheet. These lines, which may look like a drawing or an engraving, are actually the different layers of steel that appear as the thickness of the blade decreases from the spine to the edge.

The manufacturing technique of damascus steel knives seeks the union of two a priori opposite properties: the resistance of the edge of a very hard steel and the elasticity of a softer steel. To achieve this, these two types of steel are forged together, stretching, bending and stretching them again. The more times this operation is carried out, the more layers the damask will consist of and the more the union of the properties of the steels that make up the sheet will be achieved.

Most of the damascus tracker knife that we usually see are industrially manufactured, being an overlap of sheets of different steels that are joined together to result in a compact blade that reveals its layers when the blade is emptied.

But without a doubt the most interesting damascus steels are those forged by hand. In this case, you only start with two or three steel plates, which by heating them red-hot, stretching them and forging them, configure what is a handicraft work that goes beyond the value of a simple work tool.

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The quality of kitchen knives

How do you know if you are buying quality ones? The truth is that sometimes it becomes complicated due to the amount of cheap and also low-quality knives that you can see in hundreds and hundreds of web pages and online stores. With us you will be sure to hit the mark.

The sheet

The first thing you have to look at is the sheet. Or rather, what material is it made of. There is no doubt that you will have many more advantages if you buy stainless steel knives. The hardness of the steel is a key point if you want quality in your purchase.

Here you will find the best stainless steel and also damascus steel, the latter so widely recognized for its quality. You’ve probably heard of both stainless steel and custom damascus knives for sale.

In each of our products you will see its specifications to know at all times which knife you are buying. Take this aspect into account.

The handle

But so that you can handle them more effectively, you have to look at another very important aspect, such as the handles. Another aspect that says a lot about its quality.

We stop at the handle to tell you that it is best to look for those that have a non-slip surface so that they have a secure grip and you feel very comfortable when you use them.

We do not have to tell you that a good handle that does not slip will prevent all kinds of accidents. On the handle of kitchen knives you also have to pay attention to their rivets. It is also true that you have to feel comfortable with your handle and its ergonomics. Some brand may not offer you the security you need for any cut.

The weight

We are going to tell you more about kitchen knives and we stop at the weight. Do not think that the best is a knife that weighs little. This may mean that your blade is not made from quality steel. If it weighs very little, you may be buying cheap knives that have not undergone quality controls.

The good knife makers what they try is that there is a good balance of weights. If the balance is adequate, you will not get tired of using them. This is very important in the case of professional cooks who handle them for several hours.

The presentation

And finally, check how it is presented, if it comes in a case or not and how it is placed. Normally in these details you will realize if a certain brand takes into account all the details.

These are some of the aspects that you should take into account when buying quality kitchen knives. And that, quality is what we are going to offer you.

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