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Participants are encouraged to put on black and carry placards and photographs of Martial Law victims, as well as victims of the current administration. The protest will finish in a march to Mendiola bridge where participants from numerous groups will converge to gentle candles and torches as a symbol of the persevering with struggle towards the forces of tyranny and oppression. The NALSAR University of Law, has introduced a menstrual depart policy for all the scholars of varied curriculums.

“She will be the narrator. She will be ready to say, I was in this room with Donald Trump, with Rudy Giuliani. Here’s what we mentioned. Here’s who stated what. Here’s what we knew,” he stated, in accordance with Mediaite. “So now they’ve kind of got an final insider, somebody who has remained steadfastly loyal to Donald Trump, to the stolen election narrative. Now she has flipped,” he added. CNN legal …