Transparent Trailer enables safer driving while towing, both in transit and while parking

Automotive Center SAINS TECHNO PARK

Take a single course, or work towards a diploma, certificate or degree—all at a pace that’s right for you. Part-time courses are offered at night or on weekends, or you can opt for online learning. The design of our high-voltage connectors is optimized down to the last detail.

  • Beijing Automotive Group also has a joint venture with Hyundai called Beijing Hyundai, both companies hold a 50-50% stake.
  • We are passionate and curious about the emerging opportunities in mobility.
  • Arm for StartupsFree access to the IP, solutions, tools, and support needed to jumpstart innovation.
  • See how SAP can help you create a connected and sustainable automotive business.
  • It marks the day when humanity has used up the resources that planet Earth can provide in a year.

Located at the Barrie Campus, the ABSC trains the next generation of business leaders in the automotive industry throughout Canada. …