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This version of the GFSI incorporates the “Natural Resources and Resilience” class into the main index. The class was first launched into the GFSI in 2017 as an adjustment factor and, given its increasing significance, has been mainstreamed for the first time this yr. Live Science is a part of Future US Inc, a global media group and leading digital writer. As for PFAS, both animal and epidemiological studies suggest that these chemical compounds can be toxic to the immune system, the authors wrote in their Food News research. Higher PFAS ranges in individuals have been related to lower antibody production in response to vaccinations, the authors wrote of their research. For example, a 2013 study in the Journal of Immunotoxicology reported that children who have been exposed to higher ranges of PFAS chemical compounds within the womb had lower antibody manufacturing in response to childhood vaccinations.

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