Troubled With Tartar? Understand This and Overcome Easily!

Cavities and gum disease are two of the most popular oral and dental problems. However, what about tartar? Compared to other dental problems, most people often underestimate the appearance of tartar. Not a few also do not know the presence of coral in their teeth at all.

This one condition can be dangerous if left alone without getting proper treatment. Make no mistake, some chronic diseases can be triggered by poor oral health. Including the result of accumulated tartar. Come on, we get to know tartar more closely in this article.

What Is Tartar?

Since childhood, you may be familiar with the advice to brush your teeth regularly so that clean teeth are free from germs and bacteria in the mouth. This advice is not without reason. If you are lazy to brush your teeth, food debris can stick to your teeth and can contain bacteria or microorganisms.

When food scraps that contain bacteria or microorganisms stick to teeth for a long time, it can form plaque. The plaque that builds up will gradually harden causing tartar to form. In medical terms, tartar is also called dental calculus. The rate at which tartar forms in each general person varies depending on the pH level of the saliva.

Usually tartar forms above the gum line or the surface of the teeth that are visible in the oral cavity. The tartar can be white, brownish yellow, to black. The darker the tartar, the more plaque that will build on the teeth. The tartar also has a texture that feels rough and porous when touched with the tongue. If this condition is left for too long and not treated properly, your teeth and gums are at high risk of damage.

The Dangers of Untreated Tartar


Causes inflammation of the gums

If you don’t clean tartar, it can cause gingivitis, aka inflammation of the gums. If the inflammation is getting worse, it is very easy for your gums to bleed when you brush your teeth. Not infrequently, you can also experience bleeding gums suddenly. If allowed to continue, periodontal (gum) disease can develop. This condition occurs when inflammation has spread to the alveolar bone of the tooth. As a result, the tooth bone and surrounding tissue can be damaged. This causes the teeth to loosen easily and can even come out of the socket.

Causes Bad Mouth

Not only that, but tartar that is allowed to accumulate can also cause bad breath. Plaque mixed with food debris that is not brushed clean when you brush your teeth can cause decay in the oral cavity. This decay is what causes you to experience bad breath. If you don’t want to experience the various conditions that have been mentioned above, then don’t underestimate the problem of tartar. This is the basic reason why it is important for you to always maintain healthy teeth and mouth every day. Not only avoiding various dental problems, but you can also try to keep your teeth and mouth healthy by consuming teeth whitening supplements from steel bite pro.