There are many ways you can do to deal with big fluffy hair that often makes many people upset. When you attend important moments that should require you to look perfect, suddenly the hair looks fluffy and difficult to manage. Fluffy hair can also be a sign that your hair is starting to get damaged. When the hair is damaged and too dry, the outer layer or cuticle of the hair will be lifted, it will cause the moisture to disappear. Before the problem you face gets worse, let’s find out various ways to deal with fluffy hair.

Perform Blow Dry Techniques Correctly

Some people have a habit of doing blow dry, especially when they want to go to certain events. Doing blow dry to style your hair after shampooing is very good, as long as you not doing it too often. You should always blow dry with the right techniques to avoid the problem in the future. In this case, you can use the services of a Head Office Hair Specialist who can help you professionally in handling your hair.

Use Shampoo That Softens Hair

Speaking of hair, the shampoo products that you use every day take a role. One of the main causes of hair expansion is indeed a rough and stiff condition. If hair is always maintained smoothness and softness, the risk of getting fluffy hair can be reduced.

Use oil or hair masks regularly

You can use hair oil after shampooing while the hair is still wet. That way, natural hair oil is lock to moisture your hair. In addition to oil, the use of hair masks is another way to deal with fluffy hair. Use a hair mask according to the type of hair you have, and apply it evenly after shampooing.

Applying Plopping and Twisting Techniques

By applying plopping and twisting techniques (a technique of wrapping wet hair in a towel or a cotton t-shirt to dry your hair). Usually, the plopping technique is done by the owner of curly hair. This technique effectively prevents curly hair from becoming big and bad after shampooing. Meanwhile, for straight hair owners, you can apply the twisting technique.

Don’t Miss the Use of Conditioner After Shampooing

One thing that people often missed after finish shampooing is the use of conditioner. Using a conditioner is effective to deal with fluffy hair. By using conditioner, hair moisture will be kept so your hair will not easily dry. To get the best result, put the conditioner close the strands of hair so your hair will be hair healthier, softer, and easier to style.