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Damascus steel KnivesDamascus steel Knives

The Damascus steel knife is one of the most exotic and spectacular of those used in cutlery. They are characterized by presenting sinuous and irregular lines throughout the entire sheet. These lines, which may look like a drawing or an engraving, are actually the different layers of steel that appear as the thickness of the blade decreases from the spine to the edge.

The manufacturing technique of damascus steel knives seeks the union of two a priori opposite properties: the resistance of the edge of a very hard steel and the elasticity of a softer steel. To achieve this, these two types of steel are forged together, stretching, bending and stretching them again. The more times this operation is carried out, the more layers the damask will consist of and the more the union of the properties of the steels that make up the sheet will be achieved.

Most of …


Bangkok is known to have a variety of attractive tourist destinations. Bangkok has museums ranging from exhibits of original human body parts to replicas. Visiting those places will make you feel bad and good at the same time. What are these museums then? Check out the review below!

Jim Thompson House and Museum

If anyone says that many foreign tourists have fallen in love with Thailand, Jim Thompson House is the proof. In the past, Jim Thompson was asked to join the US Army and served in Asia. The Asian country he visited was Thailand, precisely in Bangkok.

Jim Thompson then fell in love with Bangkok and decided to settle in this city.

At that moment, Thompson decides to resign from the US Army. Jim Thompson then built a typical Thailand’s house. Uniquely, Jim Thompson combines Thai architecture with the west in his home. This house builts with original teak …

Building Effective Learning Habits in ChildrenBuilding Effective Learning Habits in Children

Every educator, both parents, and teachers has the ultimate goal of learning. The expected results must be balanced the target of learning itself. To achieve the goal, educators need to look for effective ways so that the learning process can run well. Fun learning can improve children’s moods and strengthen children’s memory. Don’t tell them to learn, teach how to learn effectively.

Effective learning methods have been applied at St Andrews Sukhumvit British International School Bangkok Thailand. They use learning methods according to the child’s conditions, both in terms of methods, space, time. The goal is to make a child understand written information better, can remember information longer, reduce frustration or confusion while learning, get better results on exams and able to explain his ideas to others.

Here are some effective ways of learning that should become a habit for children;

Study habits

Always make sure that your children …

Reasons to vacationing in the MaldivesReasons to vacationing in the Maldives

Do you like to travel on the sea or looking for a romantic honeymoon spot? Then a vacation to the Maldives is the answer. The Maldives is indeed famous for the beauty of the group of islands, crystal clear water, and beautiful coral reefs that attract visitors from various parts of the world. It won’t hurt anyone if you consider making your holiday here. If you are still unsure, check the reasons why you should vacation to the Maldives.

Enjoy the extraordinary natural beauty of the Maldives

The Republic of Maldives, as an island nation, is one of the luxury tourist destinations with many beach tourism whose waters are blue, pure, clear, and free from pollution. The many marine biotas that can entertain the eyes of the beholder and exclusive resorts such as Maldives Luxury Villas. All natures surrounding this place makes it one of the most beautiful countries …