Emergency Tricks to Open Stuck Door House

The stuck key is the problem for you that have been experiencing it. The causative factors may vary, such as the old door key, or may also have dirt in the parts of the door key.

When the key is stuck, the fastest and easiest way is to call Stronghold Locksmiths Brisbane to repair it immediately.

Try to imagine, when you are home alone and unfortunately, the distance of your house and neighbors is far, it will be difficult asking for help?

Some people think to break the handle and the door key. But unfortunately, you are not an expert in carpentry, so you don’t know how to break it so that it will be opened.

When these conditions occur at any time, don’t panic. There are tricks that you can try to open a stuck door on an emergency. The trick is very simple, there’s no need a lot of tools and strength.

The door is also maintained or no need to broke. The methods are mentioned as follows:

1. Try to Find These Tools

Even if you don’t like fiddling with tools, at least the items are most likely to be at home. Such as flat-head screwdriver and hammer. If you don’t have a flat-head screwdriver, it can be replaced with a metal spoon or metal that has a thin shape and can be punched in the tip. Even if there isn’t any hammer, use whatever that can be used to hit.

2. Focus on Door Hinges

When you have prepared it, pay attention to the door hinge section. The opposite part with the location of the door key. Every door has a hinge, starting from 2, 3, to 4 hinges.

In each hinge, there is an axle that has a head on it. That is, the part that larger than the diameter of the axle and the same as the outer diameter of the hinge.

Put the tip of the minus (or similar) that has been prepared in the gap in the hinge head and hinge body. Then hit it up, so the hinge axle is lifted. After that, give lubricant ( oil or fried oil) in the open gap.

For an old door, the axle is usually hard to remove. After the hinge axles are lifted, hit continuously with the tip of the screwdriver until the hinge axles are released. Do it again to all your stuck hinges.

When all the hinges are released, you only need to pull the door leaf a little out, then pull it against the key house.

With this method, the stuck door could be opened without breaking it. After that, you can get out of the house to call the locksmith and fixing your stuck door.