How To Choose Car Tires That Are Durable And Comfortable To Use

Tires are the most important element in a car. Not a few people are confused about the type of tire that is suitable for their needs. Therefore, special tips are needed to determine which car tires to buy. What are those? Follow this explanation!

Choose As Needed

Like traveling through muddy terrain and rocks? The type of tire that is suitable for off-road is M / T or Mud Terrain which is known to be strong and sturdy when traveling on the most difficult terrain. However, do not use this type of city streets because it will be slippery and have less traction. Be sure to choose the type of tire that is suitable for all-terrain, with good quality. For those of you who want to buy tires at an affordable price, you can buy them at the Brisbane Discount Tires. They are a tyres brisbane company that sells various types of tires at affordable prices.

Choose the Suitable Flow Design Pattern

The groove design pattern is also important because it can increase tire friction with the road. If the friction is small, the risk of slipping is bigger.

For wet roads in areas with high rainfall, the V design pattern that has high friction power is very suitable.

Meanwhile, for roads that are too hot, avoid tires with a lot of strokes. Also, the design pattern of round tread grooves is very suitable for you who often drive through bumpy roads.

Choose a pattern that suits your needs and routinely replace it when the pattern already gone.

Consider Tire Thickness

Tire thickness is also important. Choose thick tires if you like traveling. Besides, do not choose the one that considers too thin if driving on uneven roads because it can damage the wheels of your car.

Observe the Year of Manufacture

In the tire code, you will usually see four-digit numbers, for example, the code 1612.

The number 16 means that the time to make a car tire is in the fifth week. The number 12 shows what year the car tire was produced. You should choose a car tire with a new year of manufacture because of course, the quality will be different compared to the old one.

Thus some tips on choosing a comfortable and safe tire. Do not forget to buy it only in the official store or a trusted manufacturer. It’s okay to buy a tire at a higher price, at least it is better than a fake and cheap one that may endanger your driving activity.