The Benefits of Each Type of Concealed Carry Clothing

Most people spend most of their day at work. If you work a typical job, you’re going to have a dress code. In other words, your employer doesn’t want you walking around the office in a tactical vest and cargo pants. That can affect the way you conceal your firearm. Here are the benefits of some of the most common options for clothing that can hide your weapon and pass for business attire. 


If you usually wear undershirts, you can just split this piece of concealed carry clothing right into your wardrobe. Those who don’t usually wear undershirts may start after learning about the benefits of this gear. The number one reason people wear this item is that it is comfortable. On top of that, it provides excellent concealment. That means there’s little to no chance that someone will spot your piece. 


However, one downside to the undershirt is accessing your weapon. That’s why many people with concealed firearm permits shift to concealment overshirts. These allow for easier access to your firearm. Plus, they are specifically made to hide your weapon. There are bulges in the fabric where you typically place a gun and long tails in the back to avoid accidentally flashing anyone. 


Generally, pants are much easier to work with when concealing a firearm. If you want something super easy, increase your pants size and go for an inside-the-waistband holster. Otherwise, you can invest in concealed carry pants. Many people like these because they are built with reinforcement, where firearms typically cause wear and imprinting. They are also impossible to distinguish from regular pants. That means you can find them designed for anything from casual jeans to formal attire. 

No matter how you want to carry your piece, there are plenty of options. With a bit of creativity, you can slip any of these items into your wardrobe. That means you can find a way to carry your firearm in any setting. Now, you have the knowledge you need to conceal your weapon.