The Perfect Guide to Finding Your Signature Scent

While some people do not attach great importance to how they smell, some others, as can be seen in the reviews covered by fragrancex complaints, care a lot about what scent their presence fills a room with.

A signature scent is the fragrance which has become part of a person, that people can easily identify such a person with it. Signature scent makes it possible for people to predict your presence around a place, even before they see you. Having a signature scent simply implies you smell of a particular fragrance always which makes it possible for people to identify you with that particular fragrance. Various opinions from personal care brands reveal that most people suggest that signature scent is romantic, if not erotica.

Guerlain International Beauty Expert, Maxime Pouline, specifically opined; “Fragrances truly become a signature for you- it’s a part of who you are. [Whether] you’re a person who likes to wear perfume only for yourself or you want to announce your presence [with your scent], I think you’re not truly ready if you’re leaving the house without a fragrance.”

Are you interested in finding your signature scent? Then, here is a perfect guide for you!

§  Never try out more than three scents at a time: Always resist the urge to smell every cologne or perfume when you visit a store to pick a scent, especially when you have no clear idea of what you would love. Limit your exploration to three scents at most. While trying the scents out, it is advisable to keep the smells in your mind to help you decide going forward. Also, make sure you wear no fragrance when visiting the store to pick a scent.

§  Understand the reason for cost discrepancy: While some fragrance may cost $20, some others may cost $400. Scent generally exhibits ostentation and there are different categories of fragrance. Quality of scents differs; more expensive scent products are most likely to last longer on clothes than the cheaper ones.

§  Packaging of the product: Why does this really matter? The bottle may have little or nothing to do with the aesthetic feature of the fragrance. Moreover, the size of the product does not really matter. Perfume and colognes and deodorants are usually purchased based on the aura or ambiance they provide. Once you love a particular scent, the size of the bottle should not bother you much. However, you can always tell the degree of seriousness of a perfume house concerning their product when they package their releases in heat/light resistant colors.

§  Telling your signature scent: The two key factors here taste and compliments. If you fall in love with the smell of a particular fragrance, and you feel very comfortable with it, then it is worth putting on. Additionally, if you receive many kind compliments on the fragrance, you may desire to sustain the smell all the time. Your scent can make up memories of you for the people around you when you are away.


Finding your signature scent is no rocket science. It may turn out to be a daunting experience for one who has no idea about finding the right scent. Finding your signature scent primarily requires having knowledge of the right guide to aid your decision making.