Bangkok is known to have a variety of attractive tourist destinations. Bangkok has museums ranging from exhibits of original human body parts to replicas. Visiting those places will make you feel bad and good at the same time. What are these museums then? Check out the review below!

Jim Thompson House and Museum

If anyone says that many foreign tourists have fallen in love with Thailand, Jim Thompson House is the proof. In the past, Jim Thompson was asked to join the US Army and served in Asia. The Asian country he visited was Thailand, precisely in Bangkok.

Jim Thompson then fell in love with Bangkok and decided to settle in this city.

At that moment, Thompson decides to resign from the US Army. Jim Thompson then built a typical Thailand’s house. Uniquely, Jim Thompson combines Thai architecture with the west in his home. This house builts with original teak wood bought from various parts of Thailand, such as the Ayutthaya region.

For those of you who like historical tourism, this place is an excellent destination for you. Near Jim Thompson Museum, you can find many serviced apartment sukhumvit, one of them is the Residence Aetas Hotel. Located on Phloenchit Residence Road, Aetas Hotel stood only a few miles from the Jim Thompson Museum.

Corrections Museum

This museum is a must-visit for those of you who want to test your adrenaline. This place is a relic from the Bangkok Maximum Security Prison, which was built in 1890.

This place is divided into several blocks. Each block represents the execution that has taken place, complete with illustrations. This museum also shows a cell made of ​​1 x 2 meters. Each cell consists of one window with a mat on the floor. This cell describes the detention room of the past.

3D Art Museum in Paradise

The other museum you have to visit while in Bangkok is the 3D Art in Paradise Museum Bangkok. This 3D concept museum was opened in Pattaya a year ago, but now you can also visit in Bangkok.